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Coolsculpting vs. Venus freeze – Fat reducing & Skin tightening

Published on June 6, 2014

According to, both non-surgical, Coolsculpting by Zeltiq and Venus Freeze are separate technologies that yield different body contouring results. Combined, they may offer patients completely non-invasive spot fat reduction and skin tightening.

With an abundance of non-surgical devices and procedures flooding the market, it can be confusing for a patient to know which device is best suited for what they are trying to achieve. One of the hottest areas in non-invasive treatments focuses on body contouring and options are plentiful, to say the least.

Coolsculpting vs. venus freeze

A prime example, the fat-freezing technology Coolsculpting by Zeltiq is often confused with Venus Freeze but which procedure actually provides fat reduction and which provides skin tightening?

According to board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen Bloch, who offers Coolsculpting and Venus Freeze in Chicago, “We can combine Coolsculpting and Venus Freeze for a comprehensive body contouring solution. We use Coolsculpting for spot reduction in the fat cells and if there is laxity of skin in the treated area, we make combine it with the Venus Freeze to help tighten up the skin for the best results.”

Although both technologies may be combined to offer maximum results, it is important to make the distinction between the devices as patients may not require both to address their problem areas.

Venus Freeze For Skin Tightening

Although the word “Freeze” is in the name of the device, the Venus Freeze actually does not use cold temperature for treatment at all. The opposite is true as the Venus Freeze depends on radio frequency energy to deliver heat.

“Based on radio frequency energy, the hand-piece of the Venus Freeze device delivers heat to tissues while protecting the external skin,” explains Dr. Bloch, “Collagen, fat and tissues are heated up to 41 degrees centigrade and maintained for 10-15 minutes to simulate contraction and tightening of underlying collagen and subsequently, the tightening of overlying skin.”

Venus Freeze may provide skin tightening all over the body, on any area that there may be loose skin. “The Venus Freeze may be easily used anywhere on the body where there is some laxity of skin and where patients want skin tightening,” states Dr. Bloch, “Common areas include the arms, abdomen, thighs, neck and even the face. The treatment is non-invasive and comfortable.” Several treatments are recommended to get the best results possible.

The Venus Freeze has been referred to by some doctors as a non-surgical tummy tuck!

Coolsculpting utilizes technology which actually manipulates temperature to attack and destroy fat cells. Through a process called cryolipolysis, fat cells are destroyed after they are brought to just above freezing temperatures. “Coolsculpting is recommended for patients who have small localized areas of fat which do not respond to diet or to exercise,” states Dr. Bloch, “It is intended for patients who are in fairly good shape and they work out regularly but despite that, they has an area that is stubborn to exercise, usually the waist area or the love handles.”


During the treatment, spot fat is suctioned into the hand piece of the Coolsculpting device for about an hour, where tissue is frozen while external skin is protected, Dr. Bloch continues to explain. “Small ice crystals form within the fat cells and effectively destroys the fat cells, which is then absorbed by the body over a period of approximately 2 months,” he says, “It is not intended to tighten skin.”

Dr. Bloch sums up the differences between the two technologies, “Coolsculpting actually destroys the fat cells. The Venus Freeze does not destroy fat cells, it may shrink fat cells by reducing the lipids existing within them but what the Venus Freeze is best for is stimulating collagen and promoting skin tightening.”

Since many patients experience skin laxity after loss of fat, the combination of both Coolsculpting and the Venus Freeze may just offer them a non-surgical way to achieve the body shape they want.