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By Wanda Lester

Wanda Lester 6

We all have different journeys, obstacles, tragedies and triumphs…we all have different passions. To me, the thread that runs through all of these experiences is the word hope. When I think of Dr. Anthony Tran and the people who work with him, hope is the first word that pops into my head.

Wanda Lester

In 2009, I was in an elevator accident – it was not the first bizarre accident I had experienced. Over the years, I have survived three major car accidents, the most devastating being the day a drunk driver hit the van carrying all of my young family. The four of us survived, but we were forever changed. Because of my accidents, I knew full well that recovery involved both the physical and emotional realms.

Wanda Lester

Wanda Lester

As I worked through the healing process following the elevator fall, I knew I would never find myself or be whole again unless I immersed myself in that which I love. All of my life, I have had two passions: music performance, specifically singing, and writing. Before I became a mother, I had the privilege of singing for my supper, and I knew I had to find a way to get back to my art as a performer. Looking in the mirror, I knew some changes were necessary. A miracle was required, and that miracle was set in motion by a simple referral to Dr. Anthony Tran.

Wanda Lester

When I first met with Dr. Tran, our primary concern was breast reduction and subsequent breast lifts. What struck me then, and what remains with me now, is how Dr. Tran took the time to know me as more than just a patient. He cared about my well-being, my hopes and dreams.

After my initial concerns were addressed, Dr. Tran and I began to discuss other options. Having had two C-section deliveries involving perpendicular incisions rather than the more popular “bikini” version, I had become resigned to having a soft stomach about which I could do nothing. Imagine my surprise one day when Dr. Tran asked, “Well when do you want to work on your stomach?”

Wanda Lester

You can’t imagine how excited I felt when I realized I didn’t have to live with an ‘apron’ the rest of my life!

In all, four of the plastic surgeries often referred to as “Mommy Makeovers” were performed.

I know, I know – I can hear what you’re thinking, “Isn’t that for young mothers?” The answer is no! I am a grandmother, who within a period of eight months underwent all of those surgeries, and, then began receiving BOTOX and filler injections to ease signs of aging in my face.

If you are asking if all of this was worth it, the answer is absolutely yes!

Wanda Lester, Success Story

Now fast forward to 2013, when Dr. Tran began offering CoolSculpting. Just as my treatments using this amazing technology started, I experienced an onset of crippling fibromyalgia, which was a result of injuries from those accidents I mentioned earlier. Because of the fibromyalgia, there was a break between my CoolSculpting treatments, and I have just recently resumed them.

I have experienced thrilling results from the first two CoolSculpting sessions, and have been able to maintain those changes while looking forward to even more exciting changes in my appearance. Because I’m a work in progress, I will soon begin receiving treatments utilizing JuVaShapeTM, another innovative non-invasive technology now offered at Dr. Tran’s clinic, Arlington Plastic Surgery.

For years, I never thought my life could change, mainly because of the way I perceived myself. My obstacles seemed to be insurmountable.

To be quite blunt, I had no hope.

Now, I have that hope because the dream of my youth is today’s reality.

Because of Dr. Tran’s skill, genius, and compassion, I am able to immerse myself in both the healing process and that which I love, emerging more whole than I have ever known.

Wanda Lester, Success Story

When I walked into the office of Dr. Anthony Tran, I was in search of hope I did not have. My transformation began in my late 50s. Today, I am in my early 60s, I have a wonderful singing group that is in great demand, and I write for Dr. Tran. I was once again changed forever, only this time that’s a good thing!

Life is good, and I am thankful!

Wanda Lester, Success Story

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