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Breast Reconstruction

breast-reconstructionYou can choose to have breast surgery for several reasons. Whether you wish to enhance your appearance and confidence with a breast enlargement or breast-lift, reconstruct them after treatment for breast cancer, or address pain and embarrassment caused by breasts that are excessively large, there are multiple options available for that can address your specific needs.

The most common reason women choose to have breast reconstruction is after they have had a mastectomy or partial mastectomy due to cancer. Other reasons are due to a genetic deformity or to fix a breast deformity caused by trauma. Whatever the reason, a natural appearing breast can be shaped using your own body tissue or by inserting implants by Dr. Tran.

Dr.Tran can help you understanding the benefits of each of the different methods of breast reconstruction, the risks and the limitations of each procedure to help you make the choice that is right for your lifestyle. Dr. Tran believes in educating his patients about all the options available for a woman to achieve her goals. With all the information available, the doctor and patient can decide together what procedure will best match the patient’s goals and lifestyle.


Implants and Tissue Expander

Implant breast reconstruction is a popular cosmetic surgery technique that results in a safe, natural-appearing breast reconstruction after mastectomy. A tissue expander is a special balloon that is placed under your skin and muscle to stretch out and develop a space for the new breast. After gradually expanding the skin, a more permanent implant, similar to the ones used in breast augmentation, is inserted.


Tissue Flap

Tissue flap breast reconstruction most commonly involves the transfer of tissue from your abdomen or back. Even though the surgery and healing takes longer, your results usually appear more natural. Tissue flaps tend to act more like the rest of your body and will grow or shrink when you gain or lose weight. You will have scars at both the donor site and on your newly formed breast.


Fat Transfer

Fat transfer reconstruction uses fat that is removed from your abdomen, buttocks, and thighs to form a breast that looks and feels normal. Before fat grafting, an external expansion device is worn over the chest to prepare your chest to receive the fat. Transferred fat is then injected through small needle holes into the breast area. Recovery is similar to any liposuction procedure and patients often go home the same day. This process may need to be repeated several times until the desired breast size is reached. There is minimal scarring and results often appear very natural.

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