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Dermaplaning Facial Review: A Simple Way To Get Glowing Skin With No Downtime

Published on October 6, 2017

What Is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a fancy name for shaving your face with a scalpel blade. It takes off superficial layers of dead skin cells while also removing hair. It leaves your skin baby-bottom soft.

Every time you shave your legs don’t they feel super soft? You’re Dermaplaning them! That’s because you just shaved off superficial layers of skin.

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Dermaplaning in progress: that’s dead skin on the scalpel!

You can also shave your face with a razor. My mother does this and has the most gorgeous skin. Shaving your face doesn’t make hair courser, thicker or grow back any faster. There’s science behind it.

Think about it: have you ever noticed how soft men’s skin is after they shave their face? That’s why many men have better skin in their 30’s and 40’s than some women. The guys are constantly exfoliating superficial layers of dead skin.

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Dermaplaning In Action

Press play to watch a Dermaplaning facial in action at Luxury on Lovers

I scheduled a Dermaplaning procedure at Luxury on Lovers for lunchtime on a Wednesday. This was as simple and straightforward a procedure as it gets.

Aesthetician Monica Klocksieben, who performed my SkinPen procedure, cleansed my face and swiped it with some antiseptic to ensure it was clean. Then she got to work using a surgical grade scalpel to scrape off layers of dead skin. While doing this it also takes off that peach fuzzy, baby fine hair we women tend to have.

There was no pain, no discomfort, nothing.

Applying the vitamin C mask

Following the Dermaplaning facial, we applied a cool vitamin C antioxidant mask which hardened into a peachy, wax-like coating on my face. This delivers an antioxidant punch on that fresh, newly exfoliated skin.

My Dermaplaning Results

I am thrilled with the results of this procedure. Dermaplaning has absolutely no downtime. You can apply your makeup and go immediately after the facial. My face wasn’t sore or red. It was, in a word, glowing.

Immediately after the Dermaplaning facial and mask – no redness or swelling. Just glowing skin!

You can get a Dermaplane facial as often as every two weeks, although it is recommended that you don’t do them more than once a month.

Luxury on Lovers charges $158 for a Dermaplaning facial* or $58 as an add-on to any other facial.

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