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Ladies It’s Time to Start Shaving Your Face: Why Dermaplaning is Your New Anti-Aging BFF

Published on October 6, 2017

Women shaving their face? It may seem an unorthodox anti-aging approach, but dermaplaning is different than the manly shave with razor and cream (or electric shaver). Find out what it can do for your skin.

You know how men’s skin seems to age slower than women’s? Well, women have caught on to the secret: Men get a regular exfoliation while shaving, and perhaps this has something to do with their wrinkle resistance.

Yes, there are those females who tout a daily zip of the electric shaver as part of their anti-aging routine. But there are safer and more effective ways to go about garnering the benefits of shaving.. Enter…dermaplaning.

Is this just a fancy term for shaving your face? Not so much. Dermaplaning is a procedure you can do at home or have professionally done that takes face-shaving to a whole new level.

Often combined with other anti-aging procedures, like microneedling and microdermabrasion, dermaplaning exfoliates skin with a special instrument. A scalpel is used when done by a professional, but there are at-home options too. Tinkle is a facial razor many women are using to remove facial hair and groom brows.

If this sounds like a lot of sloughing at one time, it is. The key is doing it the right way. Wondering why women would take part in this in the first place?

Dermaplaning devotees herald a long list of gorgeous skin benefits. Yes, there is the exfoliation factor and removal of unwanted hair. But dermaplaning is also said to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, increase skincare absorption, and make makeup application smoother and easier.

Women with darker hair on their face will see an instant improvement in skin brightness with dermaplaning. Removal of vellus hair, or peach fuzz, also helps to reduce occurrence of acne because bacteria and oils won’t get trapped on skin’s surface.

Men may have been getting in on the good-for-skin benefits of shaving all along, but they are not alone. Japanese women have long practiced the art of face shaving for smooth skin. With Korean beauty making a huge splash in the U.S. right about now, it looks like we need to take another cue from Asian beauties.

This all sounds great, but are you a wee bit afraid of giving dermaplaning a try? Will it irritate or cause whiskers? Do you need peach fuzz for protection? Is this whole thing way too manly for a girl? What we need is some sound expert advice from someone who has been there. That is why I interviewed Kerry Benjamin of Stacked Skincarespa and shop, on the advantages of dermaplaning and how to do it right.

Benefits and How-Tos of Dermaplaning: An Interview with Stacked Skincare’s Kerry Benjamin

Liz Thompson: So, women and shaving…fad or true skincare essential?

Kerry Benjamin: In my opinion, true skincare essential. It’s amazing for exfoliation, and it really brightens up your skin and gives you a glowing, dewy look. Some women complain that it’s ‘another thing to do’, but honestly, it takes less than five minutes to do yourself at home, and it’s a significant change in the brightness of your skin.

LT: What are the benefits of dermaplaning for different skin types?

KB: In general, dermaplaning is great for all skin types. If you have active pustular acne, you should not dermaplane those areas. It’s a perfect treatment while you’re pregnant too! It’s safe and effective, and can really help with hormonal pregnancy breakouts significantly.

LT: What is the right way to dermaplane?

KB: Cleanse your face, and make sure your skin is dry. You want your skin dry in order to maximize the exfoliation. This isn’t supposed to be like shaving with a regular razor and shaving cream. Work in small strokes in an upward motion all around your face.

A professional dermaplane treatment will be a lot deeper as we use a 10 blade scalpel and combine with microdermabrasion, peels and microneedling. For home, you can use a light peel after dermaplaning, then apply serums and finish with a moisturizer. My clients will use a Tinkle at home and then follow it up with my Deep Sea Mineral Peel, an organic peel that can be used safely while pregnant and leaves your skin glowing and dewy.

LT: How often should women dermaplane?

KB: I recommend 1-2 times per month. It’s really a personal preference and depends on how quickly your hair grows back. Once you get the hang of it, it should only take a few minutes to do your whole face.

LT: Does facial hair grow back thicker or darker?

KB: Absolutely not, this is a total myth, and one I hope goes away forever soon! We are not changing the structure of your hair follicle by simply shaving the vellus hair from your face.

LT: Do we need the peach fuzz on our face for protection from the elements, pollutants…?

KB: No, they essentially perform two main functions: they help to regulate our body temperature and serve as a sensory function on the skin.

LT: Is there such a thing as too much exfoliating?

KB: Yes, it is possible to over exfoliate. However, dermaplaning can be safely done 2-3 times a month at home. If you are using a Tinkle shaver, I recommend using twice and tossing out. The blades will dull and it’s better to dermaplane with a fresh blade.

LT: Isn’t shaving the face a manly thing? How can dermaplaning be viewed as feminine?

KB: For starters, I don’t see face shaving as a gender thing. Women for centuries have been removing unwanted facial hair with various methods that are often more painful and no more effective than shaving. With that said, I don’t recommend using a standard razor and shaving cream. Dermaplaning is different from the way men shave in a two keys ways: we shave on dry skin and use small upward strokes. Also, while men benefit greatly from shaving daily, dermaplaning is going to give far greater exfoliation benefits than a razor with shaving cream.

It may not be for every woman, but I personally love the way it makes my skin soft, smooth, bright and dewy!

There you have it. All the information you need to decide if dermaplaning is for you. What do you think? Ready to give it a try?

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