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A Good Doctor

Published on February 28, 2011

Hoity Toity has never impressed me. Anyone, and I mean anyone who presents that particular personality trait immediately sets off my “nonsense detectors.” What messages do my detectors send me? Let’s see…self-centered, unfeeling, self-righteous, covering up something, unable to connect. These characteristics are not desirable in anyone, especially a doctor who is treating a loved one or me.

In the 1990s, a family member had been diagnosed with a condition that could have required a hip replacement. After seeing several bone specialists, we were referred to the supposed best-in-Texas orthopedic surgeon. After enduring the ninety-minute drive to Houston on a desperately dreary, rainy December morning, then suffering through a ridiculously long wait in the doctor’s enormous waiting room from 9am, we finally saw the doctor around 2pm. He entered the room and took one look at the health history of our loved one; he briefly looked at our patient and immediately recommended a bone tissue transplant.

I had the temerity to ask, “Are those safe… uh…are bone-tissue procedures regulated?”

“Of course,” was the fiery, terse reply from Dr. Hoity Toity, “I would not recommend it if it were not!” For the first time he actually looked at me…if it had been possible, his head would have exploded with rage. Dr. Toity immediately reined in his temper and anger, and wanted to know how soon our calendar could be cleared for surgery. And, with that he disappeared. Our little gaggle of family members walked in silence to the elevator with only the bell of the elevator breaking the silence. As soon as we boarded the elevator and were descending to the parking garage, my husband turned to all of us and said, “Sounds like Mama needs a new fur coat for Christmas.” Needless to say, this is not a warm & fuzzy memory. We opted for another plan of treatment, and all turned out very well for our precious patient.

Folks, this is NOT what we call a “good doctor”!

Obviously, a doctor’s personality traits are important, and the ABC News article 6 Traits to Look For in a Doctor published on March 2, 2013 offers personality traits to look for in your doctor. Your ideal doctor…

  • Has empathy
  • Takes his time
  • Is well-rested
  • Is up-to-date on the latest research
  • Doesn’t judge your or dismiss your concerns
  • Keeps it professional

Your doctor’s personality is very important, but it is equally important that you do your homework take responsibility for your own health.

From the beginning, when I first met Dr. Anthony Tran of Arlington, TX it became very clear he IS a good doctor. He is an empathetic doctor who takes all the time necessary with his patients, he is rested (that means he listens), is up-to-date, does not dismiss or judge you, and he keeps the consummate professional. In other words, he has all of the wonderful traits you want, and more.

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