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15 Tips for Painless Hair Removal

Published on July 25, 2014

Get beach-ready by removing unwanted fuzz from your bod. Read on for ways to get the necessary task over with painlessly.

  1. Avoid Extreme Conditions Post Waxing

    Make sure that your hair is at least 1/4 long when you go in for a waxing session and prevent irritation by avoiding extreme heat or exercise for 24 hours post-wax.

  2. Pull Skin Taught

    When shaving, it helps to pull the skin taut to create a level surface that’s easier to maneuver. You should also shave in the direction that hair grows to minimize itchy, red bumps.

  3. Shave in the Evening

    If you’re planning a day at the pool or beach, shave in the evening to avoid irritation from sun, salt, or chlorine.

  4. Depilatory Lotion for Legs

    A great, painless hair-removal option for legs is easy-to-use chemical hair removers.

    They’re simple to use and dissolve hair right under the surface so regrowth is finer than with shaving.

  5. Wait it out

    Don’t use a depilatory product on skin that has been shaved in the last 72 hours or you’ll risk irritation.

  6. Underarm Solutions

    Underarm hair grows in different directions, so use a 5-bladed razor to shave from all three angles – up, down, and sideways – for the smoothest results.

    Finish by rinsing with cool water to close your pores.

  7. Fight Razor Burn

    Razor burn is caused by hair that is pushed back into the follicle, which becomes inflamed and then develops into an ingrown hair.

    Attack the problem before it starts.

    Use a shaving gel instead of cream to avoid clogging pores.

    Also, try to avoid wearing tight jeans or underwear, which can rub against the skin.

  8. Soothe Razor Burn

    When razor burn does occur, apply an aloe-Vera-based cortisone cream twice a day to soothe the area and get rid of the redness.

  9. Avoid In-Growns

    Ingrown hairs in the bikini area may be persistent and unresponsive to loofah or regular exfoliation. If this is the case, buy a topical lotion or an astringent formulated to prevent ingrown hairs.

    If in-growns leave you with post-inflammatory hyperpigrnentation, a twice-daily application of skin-lightening cream on the affected spots fade them.

  10. Prevent Nicks

    Lube up your legs with a moisture-rich shave gel to ensure that the razor glides easily over your skin (no nicks!). If you run out, reach for hair conditioner over regular soap, which causes dryness.

  11. Zap it off

    If you’re going to try laser hair removal, it’s not a good idea to start getting it right before summer since lasers make your skin more sensitive to the sun, putting you at risk for burns and pigmentation issues.

  12. Shaving the Bikini Line

    Make sure you soften the hair with warm water before you shave and use a moisture-rich shave gel after trimming hair down to about 1/4 of an inch for smooth removal.

  13. Keep it Sharp

    Change your blade at the first sign of dullness (usually after about 10 shaves). You should also invest in a 4- or 5-blade razor. These versions provide the smoothest results.

  14. Get Numb

    Scared of wax-induced pain? When worn thirty minutes before your appointment, the Bare Ease Prep Kit (complete with latex panty and a tube of pain-relieving lidocaine cream), gently numbs your bikini area to make your Brazilian as ouch-free as possible

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