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Peni Nguyen, Arlington Plastic Surgery

Dr. Tran’s office offers the wonderful non-surgical body sculpting procedure, CoolSculpting. There have been some very interesting CoolSculpting success stories, and one of them is Dr. Anthony Tran’s office manager and CoolSculpting specialist, Peni Nguyen. From April 2013 thru November 2013, Peni lost 30 pounds and dramatically changed her appearance. How did Peni achieve this? She followed a sensible diet and received 6 CoolSculpting treatments.

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PENI NGUYEN – Office Manager & Coolsculpting Specialist

When Peni Nguyen began her CoolSculpting treatments, she had worked hard to lose 22 pounds by cutting her food portions in half and going to the gym 3 times a week. Even after all of her hard work and success, Peni felt her stomach was still as large as a 4-month pregnant lady and she still had a muffin top. She then underwent CoolSculpting treatments in order to achieve a flat tummy and a curvy, small waist.

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So, what is this revolutionary treatment, and why is it so wonderful? CoolSculpting is:

  • is an FDA-cleared, patented nonsurgical body-contouring procedure that uses a targeted cooling process that literally freezes just the fact cells, eliminating them in an easy, on-intrusive fashion that exercise and diet can’t achieve as quickly or as effectively
  • each treatment only takes an hour
  • there is little to no recovery or downtime needed

CoolSculpting treatments were applied to her lower abdominal area and on both sides of her flanks. While continuing to practice portion control, she lost 3 inches in the first 6-7 weeks. Even with such a wonderful outcome, she decided a 2nd treatment on the exact same areas was necessary and within the next 7-8 weeks she lost 2 more inches. During this time she also lost 7 more pounds. After 6 years of struggling to lose weight, she reached her goal; in 6 months time, she went from wearing a size 12 to size 4!

Here are her actual pictures after 2 Coolsculpting sessions within 2 months.

Measurements: Weight 122 lbs- Height 5′ 6″

08/07/2013 Lower abdomen 35″- Waist 30″ – Upper abdomen 31″ . We used a large applicator applying on her lower abdomen and 2 small applicators on 2 side of her waists.

09/20/2013 Lower abdomen 31″- Waist 28″ – Upper abdomen 29″. Within 6 weeks, she lost 4″. We re-applied using a large applicator on lower abdomen and 2 small applicators on 2 side of her waists.

11/13/2013 Lower abdomen 29″- Waist 27″ – Upper abdomen 28″. Within 8 weeks, she lost additional 3″.

Total, after twice applying on same treated areas, she lost 6″ on her lower abdomen even though she stayed same weight of 122lbs.

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Peni feels that even with consistent dieting, she would never have been able to meet her goals of reshaping her body and losing stubborn fat without CoolSculpting. Because of her experience with struggling with her own weight, she has learned what it takes to succeed in an area that plagues many people. As a CoolSculpting specialist, Peni knows what this new technology can do, she has first-hand experience with what it takes to lose weight, and she is passionate about inspiring others who wish to the same.

Oh, and as for her goal of achieving a flat tummy and a curvy, small waist-you can tell from her pictures, she did just that!