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Hydrafacial MD

The Hydrafacial treatment in Arlington TX not only resurfaces your skin to provide cleansing, exfoliation and extraction, but it also simultaneously bathes the newly revealed skin with serums of antioxidants, peptides and Hyaluronic acid. Each serum targets specific skin issues including sun damage, blackheads and whiteheads, enlarged pores, acne, brown spots, uneven skin tone and early aging fine lines and wrinkles. It gets better. The Hydrafacial Treatment in DFW is great for any skin type and is not just a quick-fix-it procedure. The Hydrafacial treatment improves the quality of your skin, helping to making it healthier and reveal your TRUE beauty from the inside, out.

How the Hydrafacial Treatment Works

The Hydrafacial treatment is a different kind of skin-enhancing treatment because of how it thoroughly exfoliates, hydrates and rejuvenates to instantly improve the overall appearance of the skin. The vortex, multi-step science behind the Hydrafacial treatment the latest breakthrough in aesthetic technology. Because of this, the Hydrafacial treatment is as soothing, refreshing, moisturizing and non-irritating as a combination of 3 different popular facial and treatment types of skin rejuvenation. Experience the benefits of the best in facial treatments such as the exfoliation and skin resurfacing from a microdermabrasion, new younger skin from a chemical peel and extractions and hydration similar to a deep-cleansing skin facial treatment, but all-in-one convenient treatment that delivers instant results. In fact, the hydrafacial treatment is so instant and non-irritating that it is even safe enough to have done on your wedding day! The treatment accomplishes all of this via a breakthrough simultaneous multi-step approach:

  • Vortex Extraction – The “vortex” is simply a strongly circulating liquid that when applied to the skin, easily extricates and eliminates a variety of blemishes including blackheads, sebum, and whiteheads for painless and instantaneous extractions.
  • Vortex Cleaning – The unique HydroPeel tip works to hydrate the skin effectively using a nutrient-rich, special solution that deeply penetrates the pores of the skin to dissolve away impurities gently while simultaneously softening the skin.
  • LED Light Therapy – LED light therapy offers even more benefits following a Hydrafacial treatment. It utilizes certain kinds of light that emit energy to encourage cell growth while increasing the production of the skin’s elastin and collagen. From this, skin becomes less wrinkled, firmer and more younger-looking overall. Light therapy also helps to improve the resilience and firmness of the skin, while greatly diminishing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and other visible signs of aging.
  • Antioxidant Vortex Fusion – The special spiral “vortex” tip uses a patented approach for hydrating the skin by simultaneously infusing strong antioxidants into the skin as it exfoliates, which diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation and oiliness.
  • Exfoliation – Exfoliating the skin is essential in maintaining its health. The HydroPeel innovative tip utilizes abrasive, multiple edges in order to exfoliate the skin thoroughly many times over to achieve better skin resurfacing minus the irritation, discomfort or redness of other leading dermabrasion procedures such as peels, dermaplaning, skin resurfacing and microdermabrasions.

What Does the Hydrafacial Treatment Target?

HydraFacial serums are designed to target certain skin problems to help the skin to be healthier in the long run.

  • Blackheads & whiteheads
  • Wrinkles, fine lines, and dehydrated (very dry) skin
  • Uneven skin tone, hyper-pigmentation, sun damage, and brown spots
  • Enlarged pores, congested pores, acne or oily-prone skin

Why Hydrafacial (hydradermabrasion) has more benefits than its rival microdermabrasion – 6 Facials in 1

Firstly, it was seen as the next step from microdermabrasion, but this was only because the technology behind it was also exfoliating and mildly resurfacing; in reality it was not even comparable. It’s a bit like trying to compare oranges and apples, just because they are both fruit.

As a person that never really liked having facials that puts lots of masks and creams on top of each other, HydraFacial was really a breakthrough concept for me.

Many years ago, I had the one, and only, microdermabrasion that I have experienced in my life. It left my skin very dry, red and almost scratched, plus I had a feeling of ‘sand’ in my mouth for days. That was the first, and last time, that I had one.

Since then, I read that they had developed more advanced versions of microdermabrasion, which use a diamond tip, rather than the traditional loose crystals. In theory, it is a good treatment as it exfoliates and gets rid of the dead skin cells, but really it lacks a hydration component, which the skin really needs. Thus, microdermabrasion, in most clinics, has always had to be done in combination with other facials and product application. The diamond tip is just not enough of an innovation for me.

When I heard about the HydraFacial™ hydradermabrasion treatment, I must say I was very excited to find out more. The more I looked into it, the more I liked it. It offered everything the skin needs in so many different ways, but mainly the ultimate hydration for days.

Firstly, it was seen as the next step from microdermabrasion, but this was only because the technology behind it was also exfoliating and mildly resurfacing; in reality it was not even comparable. It’s a bit like trying to compare oranges and apples, just because they are both fruit.

As a person that never really liked having facials that puts lots of masks and creams on top of each other, HydraFacial was really a breakthrough concept for me.

The treatment is very simple and follows six signature steps. It starts with a lymphatic drainage treatment, or the detox, for improving the blood circulation to the face and neck, so you can better restore the hydration, and more importantly, maintain it for longer.

The Hydrafacial then resurfaces the skin, by cleansing and exfoliating. This gets rid of the layers of dead skin cells, with a specially designed vortex fusion tip which strips the stratum corneum; that’s the outermost layer of our skin which is made up of dirt and dead skin cells that the body is trying to shed.

This is the key area of differentiation from microdermabrasion, which requires manual pre-cleansing of the skin before the actual exfoliation treatment. The Hydrafacial does these two processes together through the applicator head, it cleanses using a lactic acid and glucosamine based serum and then exfoliates the debris away from the skin.

Once the skin is prepped and exfoliated, the next step is to brighten the appearance of the skin and this includes the application of gentle glycolic and salicylic acid peels to loosen debris in blocked pores. Great for treating oily or acne prone skin, and to help all of us with skin rejuvenation and general skin health.

Step four is another clean up. After the previously applied serum has done its work with the mild chemical peeling action, the treatment moves on to extraction. This is something which microdermabrasion cannot do. The Hydrafacial uses powerful suction to extract debris from the clogged pores and remove other impurities and debris from the skin. Some say that you can literally see the blackheads being sucked out!

The penultimate step of the treatment delivers all the key ingredients within the proprietary serums, especially the antioxidants for hydration to the deeper levels of the skin, so even with just one treatment you have immediate, radiant results. Treatment options can also tackle fine lines and deeper ones with the Dermabuilder serum, which is a multi-peptide anti-ageing system. Britenol is the newest addition to the Hydrafacial treatment menu and it is very exciting as it promises wonders in the treatment of pigmentation.

All types of Hydrafacial treatments are then finished with red and infrared Light Emitting Diode or LED light therapy as the final step for further skin rejuvenation, by reducing redness and helping kick start more new collagen production. For those with acne prone skin a blue LED is used to kill off the acne causing bacteria.

Immediate, radiant results, no down time, ultimate hydration and visible results are only a few of the great features of the Hydrafacial; and all of them are why I love it!

It is a unique 6-step process, and each of these steps could actually be individually considered as a facial in their own right. So I think it is fair to say that if you have a Hydrafacial treatment in a specialist clinic, you will be getting ‘6 facials in 1’, as well as long-lasting glowing skin!

I would make a bet that you will love it just as much as I do.

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